"Had a facial done by Joanne, would highly recommend her, thanks Joanne, see you soon for my next treatment!"

Kim Walsh - Oct 6th 2012

"I'm lucky enough to have had shellac (done perfectly) many many tans (All perfect, no streaks, lovely job) and eyelashs (good enough to make my husband swoon!), her beauty room is relaxing and Joannes manner is reassuring and comforting, a real treat!"

Katie O'Toole Oct - 10th 2012

"Joanne Came To American Beauty training Academy in June 2011. On our first Meeting Joanne struck me as a very passionate individual who was very determined to get what she wanted and by God she worked harder than any other I have had at my school in a long time! Our Beauty Specialist course runs one day a week and for the main reason in todays economy people cant just afford not to work , even if it is to up skill and joanne wanted to do it in 12 weeks! I was in shock but I knew she would do it! 12 weeks went fast for me as She was amaZing to have in every class because her determination and presentation work wise was impecable!"

Alexis O'Sullivan, 'American Beauty Training Academy' - 2013

"Great Lasher alert! So you guys will have seen my reviews on semi permanent lashes dating back to early December and I wholeheartedly reccomended Joanne for the lashes. I got one infill on december 31st and can honestly say that i still have pretty good lashes left.
So In my experience of people having lashes seeing them when i apply make up) What always strikes me is that they are quite obviously fake. The second thing is the state that their lashes can be left in!
So I am happy to report that my own lush lashes are still lush. There have been no ill effects to my own lashes.
I really recomend Joanne. I know a few of you lovelies have already been lashed by her and are delighted!"

As posted by GlamityJane!!! - 2013

"Joanne Dawson booked the Foundation Lash Course at Ms.DIVA's LASH Academy in early September 2012. A few months beforehand, she had enquired whether she could start the course earlier, but alas I was booked up! I therefore knew that Joanne would be an extremely enthusiastic and highly motivated student.
She did not prove me wrong. From the offset, Joanne Dawson listened attentively and was very driven to get this extremely skilful treatment under her belt. I mentored her for three months and in this time she created a professional portfolio of clients who were all are styled to perfection! She sat her assessment in early December and passed with flying colours!!
Professionalism, patience, skill and eye for detail are qualities that I look for in passing my students. She possesses all of these! I am proud to name Joanne Dawson as one of my highly qualified Ms.DIVA LASH stylists!"

Aoife Durity
Ms.DIVA's LASH Academy - 2013

"Absolutely delighted with the lashes Joanne, I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone!"

Ursula Collins - Jan 5th 2013

"Got a wax off joanne today! I wud def recommend her!!! Nice & Relaxing room aswell:) Tanx joanne:)"

Orla Shaughnessy - Oct 26th, 2012

"was very happy with my treatment one of the best i had in years very professional i just want to say thank you joanne just want to let you no i was delighted, see u again soon"

Mellissa Sutton - February 2013