LYCON HOT Wax used for all Bikini, Facial & Underarm treatments

All Leg waxes include knee and toes if necessary

Pre-Wax advice

If you have been using Retin-a / RoAccutant in the last six months, are diabetic, or hypersensitive to heat treatments, please inform me on booking your appointment and a test patch will be scheduled beforehand. Patch Testing available and advised.

Upper Lip€6.00
Bikini (standard bikini line, full leg includes this)€10.00
Bikini extended (Higher or onto thigh, without leg wax)€16.50
Full Leg€25.00
Half Leg€15
Half Leg & Standard Bikini€20.00
Half Leg & Extended Bikini€27.50
Abdomen (naval)€5.00
Hollywood (totally bare)€40.00
Brazilian (landing strip, front only)€25.00
Playboy (all off with thin landing strip)€35.00
G-String (all off triangle shape left)€35.00
Californian (Brazilian etc with hair dye)€45.00
Vajazzling available (prices differ with design)

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